Fat Burning Diet: Guide to Weight Loss Without Myths

You are probably reading this article because you’re on the hunt for an effective fat burning diet for women. You are here hoping that you have found the right diet tips or methods that are going to help you to lose some weight.

I’ve lost more than 50 pounds of fat myself so I know exactly what you’re going through and how frustrating it can be. It took me years and years of trying various diet and exercise programs.  I bought p90x and about a dozen other programs–now accumulating dust in my drawers–in an effort to drop the pounds. No matter what I did, it just seemed that whenever I lost any weight I put it right back on again.

In this article I will share with you what I’ve found while on this weight loss journey; what to do more of, and what to avoid. More helpful than finding the right tips–which happen the most simple and straight forward ones–progress was made by avoiding all the wrong advice out there on the internet.

So firstly, I would love to dispel some of the weight loss myths commonly espoused by self-proclaimed “gurus”. It took me years to figure this stuff out on my own and I want to save you that time.

Myths About Losing Weight: Diet

The first myth is that you need to almost starve yourself to lose weight; a variant being that you must adhere to a strict regimen that makes you miserable. With all the diets that I have been on, none of them have worked, and I’ve tried nearly every brand that they have tried to sell: the low carb diet, the raw food diet, glucose and gluten-free. The fact is, losing weight has nothing to do with deprivation and hunger. You can lose weight on a full stomach and while eating a marvelous array of delicious foods.

You should avoid sites that insist you can only lose weight by limiting yourself to orthodox rules that dictate exactly what you can eat, and when.

When it comes to diet, you should aim for more wholesome food options while you limit processed ones. This does not have to be a drain on your soul or boring! It is important here to reconsider what you think healthy eating is like. It doesn’t have to all be bland salads. To prove this, I recommend visiting a vegan restaurant. That will show the number of food dishes out there that are healthy. By the way, you cannot eat enough fruits, vegetables, or other whole foods to hurt your health.

The next thing you must do is gradually replace the junk food that you consume. If you eat too much refined sugars, over time it will cause you to retain fat and oddly have less energy. You’ll find yourself being hungrier throughout the day and needed to eat more to keep up.

It’s okay to have your favorite snack once in a while, but make sure that they are less than 15% of your diet.

The Lie of Get Thin Quick schemes

Weight loss can be many things, like easy and fun, but it can never be fast. The only way to lose 20 pounds overnight is to misplace your purse.

It can take up to a year to just begin to get abs. It sucks hearing that. But just think, what are you going to do with that time anyways? If you do nothing, the year will still go by. It is impossible to think of weight loss as something than can happen dramatically, outside of certain extenuating circumstances.

Get Thin Quick schemes often rely on yo-yo dieting, dangerous products or procedures that may do more to damage your  health in the long run. They are almost always unsustainable.

Losing weight requires you to exercise your consistency, patience, and more than anything your faith. Putting in months of hard work and seeing barely any results can be extremely discouraging. Most people give up within two weeks because there has been no immediate payout. It is crucial to maintain your faith that one day it will all pay off. You WILL get there.

Every time you do your work out, imagine what type of body you will have in a year from now and how healthy you will be. Keep your visualization strong. It is helpful to try to find enjoyment in the simple tasks, of going to the gym and eating right, even if they don’t make you fit right away.

Weight Loss Is  Not One Size Fits All

Something many people, including me, are guilty of is presenting their advice as the be all, end all. Because it worked for them, it should work for absolutely everybody, right? No, not really.

It is beneficial to read about the many different techniques and findings of people who are losing weight, and hear what they have to say. It is useful to keep in mind that one works for one body might not work for another.

Someone says that it is best to eat 4-5 small meals throughout the day, instead of three big ones. But perhaps you lose weight best when you space your meals further apart. Take that individuality into account when creating meal plans and exercise regimens. We need different amounts of food throughout the day, and different levels of activity. The only way we get this information without getting a specialized plan from a nutritionist or a fitness expert is to make our own observations of our particular body’s needs.

It is helpful, if not necessary, to use a bit of intuition. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Listen to how often it gets hungry, research that information, and determine what you should do.

If you do that, you will almost certainly not fall prey to unhelpful diet and exercise schemes that serve no other purpose than to put money in someone’s pocket. Because at its core, keeping the body healthy is simple and straight forward, as health is the body’s natural state. It doesn’t require intricate and elaborate surgeries, pills, or specialized diets. Keeping a positive attitude, following common-sense guidelines on diet and exercise, and adjusting to your body’s needs is enough.

Thank your for reading this article on Nourishing Diets.